i was born on august 21, 2009 at 3:40pm. i weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces and measured 21 inches. my mama had a hunch i’d be big, but not that big! • i was named after the great men in my family: henry is the name of my great-great-grandfather, henry wexner sr., my grand-uncle, henry wexner jr., and my uncle henry. thomas is the name of my lolo, tomas castro, and my uncle tom-tom. • i live in a crooked old house in los angeles with my mama & papa, who love me like mad.
26 July 2011
three months later, and you'd think i'd have learned my lesson by now, but no! i am a bad journal keeper.

luckily, i'm good at a lot of other things, like playing music, singing songs, eating well, climbing furniture, taking baths, building train track, dancing up a storm, and making people laugh. and now there's one more thing to add to the list...

I'M GOOD AT BEING A BIG BROTHER! that's right, i'm a big brother! my baby sister, maira penelope hughes, was born last week, on july 20th. she was just as long as i was when i was born, but a lot skinnier. i visited her at the hospital and wanted to kiss, touch and talk to her. i can even say her name.

so, now that i'm a big brother, you'll have to forgive me if i'm even more quiet than usual. you can always stay up to date by checking out my online photo album and now you can visit maira's too.

bye bye!
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22 April 2011
i know, i know, i know. it's been aaaaaages since i last wrote. i've been busy, busy, busy goin' places, doin' things and havin' a grand ol' time.

but i turned 20 months old yesterday, and i thought it's time i take responsibility and start writing again. my life is important, after all.

so...what i'm up to these days:

- not only am i a master walker, but i can run. i like climbing stairs. i like walking backwards. i love to spin and sometimes i try to jump.
- i am learning to count! i started by counting the steps i'd climb with mama, but just today i was counting checkers.
- of course, i am a chatterbox. i have many words and i can even string two words together to make a point. i say things like "i baby." "bye, mama." "more milk." yes, i still talk so fast that sometime nobody knows what i'm saying, but that's their problem, not mine.
- i am still a happy guy, but i definitely get cranky--and when i'm cranky, everybody knows because i use my whole face and body to show you. (i am also loud.)
- i love music. i make instruments out of everything: a funnel becomes a trumpet, spoons become my drum sticks, an empty coffee tin becomes my drum. i love to dance and sing!
- i help my mama and papa when i can. i try to sweep the kitchen, i enjoy putting coins in the parking meter and i turn the lights on and off, i open and close the doors.
- i know my family. i can point out their faces in photos, and i try to call my lolo, lola, bubbe and cousin calder on the phone. i wish we could be together all the time.

oh! and did you know i'm going to have a baby sister? i don't know what that means, but everyone keeps telling me that. i have noticed that my mama's tummy is getting big and round. she points to it and says, "baby." so i lift her shirt and poke her belly button and say the same thing.
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24 December 2010
1. the rumors are true: i broke my right leg. i wore a bright green short leg cast for 3 weeks. it was tough at first, but i got used to it. it came off wednesday and i'm good as new.

2. i love to draw. just like my poppa. and momma. and, heck, the rest of my talented family!

3. i like chinese food. a lot. my favorite is wonton soup. i can eat a whole bowl or more in one sitting.

4. i am a very good copycat. teach me a dance move or a silly trick, and i'll get it down quick.

5. i am learning new words every day. i can say:

- light ("ite!")
- up ("uppa")
- down
- ball ("ba")
- bubbe / barbara ("ba-ba")
- lolo
- lola
- again ("uh-gennn")
& more!
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18 November 2010
every now and again, i'm going to try to take five minutes to tell you five things about me:

1) i like peas! like my papa and unlike my mama.

2) i know the motions to twinkle, twinkle, little star. mama & papa were surprised when i "sang" along tonight, but i don't know why. they've been singing that to me for almost a year now.

3) that reminds me: i like to dance. i've got a couple signature moves.

4) i enjoy playing in the sand. mama takes me to the audubon center nearby, and i like to sit and shovel the sand around. I guess there are birds there, too, but i haven't seen any yet.

5) i am addicted to a game called peekaboo barn on mama's iphone. it is helping me learn my animals! sometimes, i say "chik" and "cat" but not regularly. yet.
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01 November 2010

- i walk! i love walking. in our living room, on the front porch, at the park. i am getting very good at walking, although my mama says i look like a mummy.
- i chase papa. we have so many great games, and they usually end up in giggles and screams. he's the best!
- i talk. i babble a lot, but people don't seem to understand what i'm saying most of the time. they're smart. they'll learn.
- i play with blocks. megablocks, stacking boxes, wooden blocks. they're so much fun!
- i like putting books in their boxes (like in a boxed set). i do it over and over and over again. mama helps.
- i am so tall that i can reach the top of the dining table, the third shelf in the laundry room and most door knobs.

what are you up to, lately?
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13 October 2010
hi, everyone! last time i wrote, i was just a baby. now, i'm all grown up. i'm a toddler!

i have...
- taken my first road trip
- flown on my 1st airplane to miami for a family vacation
- celebrated my 1st birthday
- grown 2 inches & 2 pounds
- gotten my 2nd hair cut--a crew cut
- gone swimming in a grown up pool
- made my first drawing

lately, i...
- walk! i still hold on sometimes, but i can cross - half the living room all by myself (& i am getting better so fast)
- chase papa (it's one of our favorite games to play)
- play with blocks, sort shapes, sit down with books
- drink whole milk out of sippy cups (bottles are for babies)
- watch yo gabba gabba & sesame street
- only take one nap
- stall when it's time for bed
- make friends wherever i go

now i can say...
- mama
- papa
- hi
- bye
- more
- all done
- thank you & welcome (& i know when to say them)
- again
- nana (as in, banana)

my favorite foods include...
- nanas, of course
- grapes
- oranges
- avocados
- plums & nectarines (& i can eat them whole)
- trader joe's veggie chips & baked snap peas
- meat, like meatballs & turkey burgers
- french fries
- yogurt
- string cheese

until next time. stay cool!
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01 August 2010
i'm having too much fun this summer to stop and write! but you can read what my mama wrote about it. see you later, ma nerds!
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21 June 2010
in honor of my 10 month birthday, i thought i'd share 10 things you may not know about me:

1. i can crawl, but i don't like to. in fact, i kind of hate it.
2. i want to walk so badly.
3. i love to eat. i get very excited when my mama and papa offer me food, especially the food they're eating.
4. i have two teeth, and rumor has it more are coming. soon.
5. chicks dig me.
6. my hair curls around my ears, like my papa's.
7. i am a pretty good sleeper. most nights, i clock about 10 hours.
8. i am a jokester. i love to laugh and often crack myself up.
9. i don't like it when mama wipes my face, but i really enjoy bath time.
10. i have a birthmark on the tip of my right big toe.

you can read mama's monthly letter to me here.
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04 June 2010
mama wrote another one of her mushy gushy letters to me. wanna read it?
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30 May 2010
today, my parents really ticked me off. when i woke up from my afternoon nap, we went into the kitchen and they sat me in my high chair. i thought something good to eat was on the way, but boy was i wrong! mama kept me really still, holding my head between her hands. the more i tried to shake free, the harder she held me. then papa, with this shiny pointy thing, started snipping away at my hair. there aren't many things i hate, but sitting still is one of them. i growled, i shouted and i screamed, but they wouldn't stop. even auntie sidra, who was visiting for the day, ignored my pleas. i haven't cried that hard or loud in a long time, but what can i say? i was angry! after a lot of snipping and gripping, they finally stopped. my face was a big wet mess, and there were tiny wisps of hair all over the place. mama gave me a big hug and said i was such a good boy during my first "hair cut" and, right after that, i got to take a bath, which i love. the rest of the day, everyone kept playing with my hair and telling me how handsome i looked. that was nice and all, but i never want to go through that again.
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29 May 2010
guess what, guys? my first tooth is coming, my first tooth is coming! if you look real close--that is, if i sit still enough for you to even take a peek--you can see a tiny white stripe across my bottom gum. it's a tooth! mama and papa were pretty surprised to see it, especially since i haven't been especially drooly or cranky, the way most kids are when their teeth come in. they kept cheering, so i kept cheering. they're so easy to please!
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25 May 2010

Gimme Five! from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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24 May 2010
I have already forgotten how to say "Dada" but, if you forgive a few extra syllables now and then, I can say "Momma." Especially when I am sad or lonely. "Mommamamamamamama." Also, I can ALMOST stand up by myself. Also, I ALMOST have my first two teeth. Also, I like to suck on boxes... well, I do!
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09 May 2010

Dear Momma,

I don't know very much yet. But I do know this: I love you. It hurts me when you leave the room. I feel safe when you are near me, next to me, behind me. No matter what I am doing, I want to know that you are there. When you come home from wherever you go, I want you to hold me. I want it so much that I forget whatever other fun I've been having. Your smile makes me smile. Your laughter makes me laugh. When you are sad, I feel sad too. And it confuses me. Your voice soothes me. At night, your singing gives me courage. You play with me. You read to me and you talk to me. You feed me and clean me and, even though I don't know it, you think ahead to how you can care for me better. You are - and always will be - my very first friend. The first person I ever loved. Thank you for being my momma.

Love, Henry

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07 May 2010
I think I said a word today: Dada! "Are you kidding me?!!" That's what my poppa exclaimed as he leaped off the floor to hear me say it again. Dada! My parents never say it and I don't know what it means but they both seemed very excited about it. Dada! So, I said it again and again to make them laugh. DADADADADADA! I guess it's some kind of art movement. Dada! That's what my momma said.
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05 May 2010
You know what's funny? Laughter.
That's why I'm always laughing.
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25 April 2010
hi. i turned 8 months old on wednesday. i know i should write more, but i'm too busy eating good food, clapping my hands, playing with my toys, taking long naps and visiting with all my family and friends to do so. i'll try, though. i know my fans miss me. (and i miss you too.) in the meantime, you can read my momma's take on the past month.
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19 April 2010
my uncle henry came to visit for his birthday. we played and talked a lot. important things were said.

Henry vs. Henry from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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31 March 2010
well, a lot has happened since i last wrote:

- i turned 7 months old! i now weigh 19 1/2 pounds and i'm 27 1/2 inches long. i also took my round of shots like a champ. i'm a big boy, at least everyone says so.
- i started sitting all by myself! i fall over once in a while, but i'm getting better at it every day.
- i rode my first swing. it took me a while to get the hang of it, but i loved it.
- i took my first sip of water. i have a cool cup that i drink from, but i need my mama's help to do it. i also now eat avocados, butternut squash and carrots. yum yum.
- i met my godbrother milo, who was born on february 27. he's such a shrimp, but i like him already.

yup, it's been busy 'round here. now it's papa's spring break, and we've been spending lots of qt together. we've even been able to get mama to take breaks from work and play with us. we're having a blast.
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14 March 2010

Giggle Fest from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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06 March 2010

Gone Bananas from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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04 March 2010
i made a great new discovery today: bananas. why my mama and papa have been keeping them from me i have no idea. i think they're the bee's knees--way better than that mushy gushy rice cereal they've been feeding me for the past week and a half. i ate 1/4 of a banana, devouring spoonful after spoonful, and grunted for more afterward. i washed it down with some milk, but i think i could've eaten 1/4 of a banana more!
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22 February 2010
yesterday, to celebrate my 6-month birthday, i ate my first solid food: rice cereal! i wasn't so sure about it at first, but soon i couldn't get enough! i've just gotta learn how to keep it in my mouth.
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21 February 2010
well, i'm getting old. i turned SIX MONTHS OLD today! on occasions like this, i think it's good to reflect. on what has come before and what is yet to come. like my momma always does, i have written a list of good things. good things from the many months i have lived so far.

being born :: my momma loves me :: my poppa loves me :: my grandparents, aunts, and uncles all love me :: my good doctors pearson and henry :: my "nice penis" :: breaking out of the n.i.c.u. :: coming home :: meeting my fantastic family :: spending the first weeks of my life with my grandmothers near and far :: my momma's "heroic" breastfeeding :: my poppa's snug swaddles :: wowing the world with my feats of strength :: tasting my fingers :: finding my feet :: learning to smile and to laugh :: my weekly visits from lola :: my ridiculous hair :: my best friend, the lamp :: my sleepy swing :: looking up through the trees :: my many silly pseudonyms - president muscles, presboluski, presbo, prince aboo daboo, secret agent baby, heath bar, hercules, little h, ht, h4, little man, and more! :: my many favorite games - push my chin like a button, it's very nice to meet you, fly a blanket over my face, fall very safely from very great heights :: my momma's lullabyes :: my poppa's dances :: my sleep overs with lolo and lola :: meeting more and more family and friends :: my baptism :: my godparents :: my first halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new year, and fauxmas :: my momma's birthday at pizzaria mozza :: all my big family parties! :: going out and about every wednesday :: riding my poppa like a horse and a superman :: tickles :: kisses :: tasting everything within my reach :: bouncing until i spit up :: my bubbe's video puppet shows :: trips to the porch and the park :: fresh air :: loud noises :: commotion :: adoration :: being fed :: being bathed :: being rocked to sleep

there is more. you know it! but i can't spend my entire birthday on the computer. there's a wide world at there and i've got rice cereal to eat!

thank you all for making my first six months so spectacular! until next time, will you share your favorite memories with me?
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13 February 2010

Chatterbox from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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11 February 2010
february, already--where has the time gone? and, more importantly, i bet you're all wondering, where have i been?

well, i'll tell you! in late january, i celebrated my first fauxmas with papa's side o' the family. they traveled from all over the place for a late holiday celebration and five whole days together. bubbe and uncle henry came out from san antonio, grammy miami flew from miami and auntie lali & uncle erik made the trek from atlanta. boy, did we have a good time.

we played banangrams and super mario brothers, opened tons of presents, ate lots of good food and enjoyed many laughs together. we also celebrated grammy miami's birthday with a trip to dish and sprinkles cupcakes. my auntie debby, who traveled from indiana for a very important meeting, even came out one day to say hello.

of course, i have to say one of the highlights was finally meeting my uncle henry. finally! he & i got acquainted the weekend before everyone else arrived. he even taught me how to spit. he's such a cool dude, and i can't wait to hang out again.

since everyone left, i've been keeping myself busy by doing a lot of bouncing & jumping, putting everything i can into my mouth, making messes in my diapers for mama & papa to clean up, eating plenty & laughing tons. growing up is a lot of work, and by the end of each day i am wiped out!
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26 January 2010

Tastes Like Chicken from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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22 January 2010

Playtime with Papa from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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21 January 2010
what? did everyone but my momma forget that today is my birthday?
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20 January 2010
i recently discovered that my smiles (not to mention my laughter!) are a very hot commodity. so, i'm saving them for a rainy day... or an especially good foot massage.
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17 January 2010
last night, i went to sleep all by myself. it's the first time i've done it!

my momma and poppa tried to put me to bed on friday. they gave me a bath and read two books to me. then they kissed me and watched me for a long time. i thought it was great... until they left me in my crib all alone. i cried for forty minutes before i exhausted myself. i cried a few more times but my parents still didn't come for me. eventually, i fell asleep for a long time.

when i woke up at two, my poppa came to get me. he changed me and fed me and i guess he felt bad about leaving me alone because we stayed up very late watching superman together. he rocked me for a while but, before the movie ended, he left me alone in my crib again.

i was really sweet today. i held my poppa's arm whenever i could. and, of course, i smiled at my beautiful momma. i spent the afternoon with my lola and lolo. they made me laugh. i was so happy that i couldn't stop smiling. even in my sleep. when we came home from our day trip, my parents put me in my crib again. i was still pretty happy but, when i realized what had happened - they left me alone again! - i cried of course. is it wrong if i miss them?!

when i woke up early this morning, my poppa came to get me again. he fed me and changed me and kissed me. when he put me back in my crib, i didn't cry. i just watched him. i think i know now that he'll come back for me when i need him. after he said "goodnight, kiddo," i fell asleep all by myself. like the big boy i am.
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14 January 2010
i had my 4-month check-up yesterday—although technically i am 4 3/4 months old!—and i am doing great. i weigh 16 pounds 2 ounces and measure 25 5/8 inches, which makes me slightly above average. i showed dr. henry my latest tricks, how i can stand up and hold things, and he seemed pleased. he was especially happy with my head. "perfectly round and symmetrical," he called it. afterward, i got more shots, which i didn't like one bit. my legs were sore, and i couldn't stop crying. the good thing, though, is i got to snuggle extra with mama & papa all night long.
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01 January 2010
it's a new year, everyone. and you know what that means? new tricks! today, i surprised my mama by grabbing the bottle out of her hands and pulling it toward my mouth. i held the bottle all by myself throughout the entire meal. i did it again with my papa a few hours later. using my hands has opened up a world of possibility. what will i grab next? you'll just have to wait to find out!
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27 December 2009
merry christmas, everyone. i spent my first christmas with my mama, papa, lolo and lola. on christmas eve, we went to a party at the sorias' house. the sorias—lola evelyn, auntie marlu, uncle andy and uncle steven—are part of our extended family, who have celebrated many holidays with my mama over the years. by the time we got there, it was kind of late, so i napped most of the night, occasionally waking up to laughter. we spent the night at lolo and lola's house. on christmas morning, the five of us went to mass, and afterward, we went back to lolo and lola's, where we opened gifts. i got the most presents—from santa and everyone else. so far, my favorite is a toy that auntie marybeth sent. it's a stuffed animal with a string attached that you pull to play a lullaby. i like pulling the string (with my papa's help) and holding the whole thing in my hands. there are a lot of other toys i can't wait to play with and clothes i can't wait to wear. thank you, everyone. and thank you, too, santa, whoever you are!
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22 December 2009
i turned 4 months old yesterday. that's one third of one year! mama wrote another letter to me, in case you're curious.
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20 December 2009
today was a big day for me. i got baptized, which basically means i was welcomed into the catholic church. the ceremony took place at st. monica church, the place where mama and papa got married. i wore a special white outfit for the occasion, complete with my first pair of shoes and a super soft blanket made by my lola.

there were about a dozen of us kids being baptized, so the church was packed with people. my posse alone included mama and papa, my guests included my lolo and lola, my bubbe who flew out from san antonio, my auntie alma and ate allyson, and my godparents, uncle miguel and auntie erlina. of course, i enjoyed myself and couldn't stop looking around and chatting throughout. everyone kept saying how well behaved i was. what can i say? I love a good crowd. afterward, we all went to buca di beppo to eat, celebrate and, in my case, nap.
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12 December 2009

Batting Practice from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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28 November 2009
this week, my mama & papa learned something new about me: i love people! the more the merrier and the louder the better.

they first figured it out on my mama's birthday, when we went to pizzeria mozza for a celebratory dinner. it was loud and dark in there, but i didn't mind. in fact, i had a blast. i kept looking out the window and watching the people around us, squealing with joy at the scene.

later in the week, i went to a diner called fred 62 with mama, uncle tom-tom and auntie nadine. it was also hustling and bustling and, again, i felt right at home. i kept staring at the ceiling fan up above and smiling at everything and everyone. people at a nearby table were impressed at how well behaved i was.

finally, yesterday, lolo and lola hosted a big thanksgiving party with all our extended family. there were over 30 people there, tons of food and so much noise and laughter. i was passed from lola to lola and didn't mind one bit. normally, i take a couple naps during the day but not this time. i was up for 6 hours straight and refused to sleep. i was having way too much fun!
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25 November 2009
finally—finally!—i met my uncle tom-tom & auntie nadine! they live very far away in the netherlands, but came to visit for thanksgiving week. as you may know, uncle tom-tom is one of the guys i was named after. not only is he a famous graphic designer, but he's also a fun-loving, generous & slightly crazy dude. auntie nadine is a professional photographer and dj. cool, right? they stayed with us at our house for a couple of days, and it was so much fun. i loved hanging out and didn't want to see them go. someday, i'm gonna visit them, too.
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24 November 2009

Jazzercise from Christine Hughes on Vimeo.

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21 November 2009
i'm 3 months old today! wanna know what i've been up to lately? ask my mama & my papa. they'll tell you everything.
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19 November 2009
i've made some new friends. their names are jasper and medby. jasper is the son of mama & papa's friends wendy & derek. medby is the son of miha & marc. they're both 1 1/2 years old and run circles around me (literally), but i'm gonna catch up with them soon. i can't wait to see them again!

i also finally met my mama's old friend, tita rima & her boyfriend uncle jesse. tita rima and mama lived together for five years before mama & papa got married. she is a funny lady, and i warmed right up to her.
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18 November 2009
i have made an amazing discovery!

at the end of my arms, i have... wait for it... HANDS! two of them. i found them a couple of weeks ago. not only do they taste great, i can use them to grab my poppa's tie. my momma even used them to invent my new favorite game. it's called "it's very nice to meet you." she uses her hand to shake my hand. then she says "it's very nice to meet you." it's just so comical! i laugh and laugh. who wouldn't?
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11 November 2009
i am breaking a bad habit. until recently, i liked to ball my fists up so tight for so long that my palms collected lint and my fingers smelled like feet. in the past couple of days though, i've started to relax my hands. they taste even better this way.
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31 October 2009
today i performed another amazing feat of strength.

i was sitting on my poppa's chest. he was watching tv. i was trying to get a better view of one of my favorite things: light reflecting off picture frames. even though i stretched my neck i couldn't see it as well as i wanted. so, i stood up!

okay, sure, i probably would have fallen over if poppa hadn't caught me. but he grabbed my hands and, with his help, i stayed on my feet for almost a minute. he was the balance but i was the muscle. he was so surprised and proud of me. he yelled for my momma but i fell back onto my bottom before she hurried into the room.

when my pop told my momma what i did, it was hard for her to believe it. most babies can't do this until they are six to eight months old. sucklers! i stood up four more times for my momma! i lept to my feet all by myself. my poppa held me loosely by the hands to help me stay balanced but i stood erect all by myself. i looked around the room until i got tired. then i sat back down again. my momma knows how excited i am about everything. she said i must be speeding through my milestones because i am so eager to see the world. she may be right. poppa said i'll be flying pretty soon.

even superbabies get sleepy though. i tried to stand up again and again but my legs were too tired. it made me angry and i had to take a nap. i think i earned it though.
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28 October 2009
i had my 2-month doctor's appointment today, which was both good and bad. the bad was that i got my first set of vaccinations, and boy did it hurt. the good was that i calmed down almost immediately after the initial shock, and although my legs are sore from the shots i am feeling a whole lot better. plus! dr. henry checked me out and said i am one healthy kid. i weigh 13 pounds 7 ounces, and i'm almost 2 feet tall!
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26 October 2009
i had my first play date today with my new pal nathan, who is only 10 days older than me. his mama, maria villar, might actually be a distant relative of my late great lola senena, which would make us cousins! auntie maria and my mom have been friends for a couple of years now. they are both freelance graphic designers who like arts & crafts and good food. the four of us went for a stroll to starbucks, though truth be told nathan & i fell asleep while our mamas did all the work. then we had some lunch and a nice chat back at our house. i'm already excited to hang out again.
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25 October 2009
this weekend mama & papa went on their first date since i was born, leaving me with lolo & lola for almost 8 hours! don't worry: they left me with plenty of provisions (i.e., milk) to tide me over. when we got to their house, the family room was all set up with a pack & play and changing pad just for me! i had so much fun, and we ended up spending the night because mama & papa were pooped by the time they got back.
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21 October 2009
i'm 2 months old today. can you believe it?
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20 October 2009
here's another game we play. my papa knows what i like!

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19 October 2009
my papa and i play lots of games together. this is one of my favorites.

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18 October 2009
last night, mama & papa gave me a little tour of our neighborhood. it was great and all, but i couldn't see much because it was already dark out. come on, i tried to tell them. next time, let's go out in the daytime, okay?
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16 October 2009
my mama has gone back to work officially, which means i get to spend more time with my papa and lola. papa plays with me on wednesdays, and lola comes to hang out two more days a week. she takes the metrolink from fullerton, and mama & i pick her up at the train station here in glendale. i love riding in the car. maybe someday i'll ride a train, too...
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10 October 2009
mama, papa and i went on our first real outing today! we went to giant robot, a super cool store and art gallery in west l.a., to drop off artwork for a show that mama and papa are gonna be in. then we met auntie sidra for lunch at bay cities deli, stopping at di dio's italian ice on the way home. of course, i ate my delicious meal in the car. i behaved myself—mostly—and enjoyed the view from my papa's arms. next time, mama says, we're bringing the stroller, which is fine by me. my chariot awaits!
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09 October 2009
mama wrote all about the day i was born. if you wanna know how it all went down, you can read it here.
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08 October 2009

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07 October 2009
it's pretty cool having family & friends who are not only nice, smart, funny and fun, but talented too. like mama & papa's friends uncle miguel & auntie erlina, who came to visit on sunday. they went to journalism school with mama back in the day. uncle miguel, who is a photographer for the orange county register, took some photos of me with his fancy schmancy camera.

you know what's even more exciting? they're having a baby in february, which means someone to boss around play with!
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02 October 2009
i'm 6 weeks old today. i've been smiling and laughing a lot more. i also enjoy staring out the window, bouncing & swinging and listening to lullabies (both the traditional kind and the made-up kind my mama and papa sing to me). i am kinda learning to suck my thumb, but so far i just stick my whole hand in my mouth.
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30 September 2009
i met more of mama & papa's friends over the weekend: auntie michelle, uncle rich and auntie carrie. auntie michelle used to live with mama in her first apartment in santa monica. she was in town promoting her new book, the gastronomy of marriage. i can't read yet, but my mama seems to really like it so far. and her husband uncle rich has hair almost as cool as mine!

auntie carrie is one of mama's oldest friends. they went to grade school together, and now she lives in san diego with her husband uncle brian and daughter kasey. i love meeting new people. when are you gonna come visit me?
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25 September 2009
i'm five weeks old today. and guess what my poppa gave me: A COLD!

thanks, dad. the good news is that my pediatrician said "there's not a lot you can do about it. just treat it like a grown-up cold." you know, lotsa liquids lotsa breast. thanks, momma!

p.s., i'm 10 pounds 10 ounces. jealous?
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22 September 2009
i rolled over from my tummy to my back today. my momma and my poppa were both there to see it. most babies don't reach that milestone until they are two or three months old but, still, i don't know why my parents were so surprised. they should know better than anyone: their baby boy is Bamm-Bamm strong!
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21 September 2009
i'm 1 month old today. high five!
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20 September 2009
and the family introductions keep on comin'. first, i met my uncle ricky, auntie brooke and cousin calder. they came to my house on thursday and kept me company all day long. calder ran circles around me. next year, dude, i'll be able to keep up with you. but for now, it was just nice to meet you!

on friday, my auntie lali and uncle erik stopped by for a visit. we didn't do much, but i loved hanging out with them and hearing them laugh with my mama and papa. they laugh a lot.

finally, on saturday, mama, papa and i took our first long drive to lolo and lola's house. they had a bbq, and i met more aunts, uncles and cousins from the castro side of the family. meeting all those people was a bit overwhelming, so i hid in the corner of the living room and upstairs in the spare room. next time, i'll be more sociable. i promise.
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18 September 2009
snug in a blanket
chewing on my poppa's thumb
sleep is for sucklers
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14 September 2009
my bubbe left today, and i miss her already. she stayed up with me during the wee hours of the night & morning, waking up mama when it was time to feed me and changing many, many poopy diapers. whatta saint. speaking of saints, my grandpa was also here for the past couple days, and he did several household chores and tasks that were totally beyond the call of duty. i have the best family.
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09 September 2009
as you know, my mama is recovering from surgery, so she hasn't been able to pick me up or carry me as often as she'd like (especially since i am such a hefty guy). but today after picking me up for the first time, my umbilical cord fell right off! it looks like i've got an innie.
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04 September 2009
i'm 2 weeks old today! i went to the doctor today for my check-up, and i am doing great. i gained 4 ounces and grew 5/8 of an inch, putting me in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. i'm also in the 75th percentile for head circumference, whatever that means! i don't have to go back to the doctor again until i turn 2 months old.
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01 September 2009
my lola has been staying with us, helping out my mama who is recovering from surgery and my papa who has gone back to work. it's been so fun hanging out with her. she tells me stories and sings me songs. today, though, she goes home, and my other grandma, aka bubbe, comes to take her place. "the changing of the guards," lola calls it. bubbe lives far away—in san antonio, texas—so it will be quite a treat to spend two whole weeks with her. my great-grandma, aka grammy miami, is coming tomorrow for a visit, too. i can't wait to meet, and get to know, them.
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29 August 2009
my auntie marybeth and uncle adi drove all the way from las vegas to visit me this weekend. they only stayed the day and we didn't do a whole lot, but by the end of their stay, i was pooped. i hope they visit again soon.
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27 August 2009
in the past two days, i have had four visitors. mama's friend francesca and her husband troy drove down yesterday from san luis obispo. they brought cupcakes and other sweet treats. (do they know my mama or what?) then, today, artist extraordinaire sabrina came to take some pictures of me. and, last but not least, my favorite auntie sidra came and hung out with us all day long. i like meeting new people, but it sure wears me out! i am ready for a nap.
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25 August 2009
at last, we are home sweet home. we got discharged from the hospital late in the afternoon. my first car ride was so quick i barely noticed a thing. mama carried me over the threshold and into our house, where lolo and lola were eagerly awaiting our arrival. the house is so colorful & cozy. i think i'm gonna like it here.
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24 August 2009
i met my new pediatrician today. his name is dr. henry. no joke! dr. james henry. he's a pretty cool dude, and he seemed to like me, too. he kept calling me "perfect." perfect size, perfect color, perfect health. my parents beamed.

dr. henry gave me my first vaccination, and i barely even stirred. they don't call me president muscles for nothin'.
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23 August 2009
today i got moved out of NICU and into my mama's room, where she and my papa have been staying for the past two days. i kept trying to tell the hospital staff i didn't belong in the NICU—i even made some of the nurses cranky because i kept on pulling out my IVs—and finally they paid attention to my cues.

shortly after i got to the room, our first visitors arrived: lola lita, lolo mon and uncle john paul. i was so touched that they came all the way out to burbank to see little ol' me!

later in the day, i got circumcised. mama & papa were proud of me because the nurse said i didn't cry one bit. guess i'm one tough cookie.
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22 August 2009
i don't mean to brag but i am super strong and this NICU can not contain me.
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21 August 2009
well, i made it! i was born today, and boy oh boy was my journey quite an adventure. mama was all set to deliver me naturally, but i caused such a stir in her belly that she had to get a c-section to set me free. thank goodness dr. pearson and the nice people at providence st. joseph took care of us and everything turned out a-ok.

papa cut my umbilical cord and i got to say a quick hello to my mama, then they whisked me off to the NICU, where—between you and me—i didn't belong for a second. papa got to spend some time with me, and mama got to visit me before she was moved to her room.

i arrived four days late (in true castro & hughes fashion), but everyone says i'm worth the wait.
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